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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Access Hotmail in Outlook

Webmail accounts are convenient but there are times when you want to use a proper email program. Windows Live Hotmail and Office Live Mail accounts cannot be accessed in this way without a paid subscription, unless you download the Outlook Connector for Outlook.

Installation is simple, although you will need to validate your copy of Office (this tool now works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox). Once installed, it appears as an extra menu in Outlook. Enter the account details as well as the name you want to appear on the emails and Outlook will download the emails. It is possible to set up several accounts.

Click on the Outlook Connector menu and then on Add a New Account. Enter the email address and the password used to access it. It is also a good idea to put your name in the text box below as this is what people will see rather than an address that might not be very descriptive. Click on the OK button and Outlook can now read your Hotmail or Live account.


Translate with Word

There is no need to pay for translation software if you already have Word 2003 as it can translate into 14 different languages.

When you have finished your document, select all the text by pressing Ctrl and A together. Press shift and F7 together to open the Research Task Pane Click in the down arrow in the second text box down and select
All Reference Books
Click on the small plus symbol next to Translation and then select a different language in the To section.

A translation appears below and this can be copied and pasted into another document. Alternatively, click on the Green Arrow in the Task Pane to see the translation in a web browser window.


It's possible to make "Notepad" (you'll find it in your Windows Programs) add timestamps to information. This is a useful feature to keep track of messages or notes while surfing.

Begin by launching Notepad (from the Start Button, point to "All Programs" then "Accessories" and click "Notepad".
Now, in the first line type a full stop followed by LOG (in capitals) and press Return. Save the file with a suitable name, eg "Mynotes" and place a shortcut on the Windows Desktop or Taskbar for future use.

When the file is next opened the date and time will be added to the end of the log, which serves as a timestamp for the next entry!

Attach Extra Details to Digital Photos

It can be very useful to have some information on a digital photo, such as the date it was taken, it's title and the name of the photographer. Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a program that makes it possible to edit and create metadata (information that can be added to digital photos). This is free and can help to organise a large image collection. To download the tool from Microsoft CLICK HERE

If you need any help with learning how to use the program, go to: WORKSHOP