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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sync your Google Calendar with Outlook

Google Calendar has a sync utility which works with Outlook 2003 and 2007 on Windows XP and Vista.

Exit Outlook and click on the download link in Step 2 under "Get Started". When it has finished downloading, run the file to install the software. Click on the I Agree button, Next and then Install. Click on Close when the installer finishes.

The calendar set up window will appear. Enter your Googlemail address in the top box and password in the box below. Leave the top option '2-way' selected, so Outlook and Google Calendar will always have the same entries. Choose how often you want the diaries synchronised. Click on Save.


The Away PA

Power Up Your Documents with Word Links

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Word, but have never explored document links, then you are missing out on a great way to exploit the information contained in documents. Links offer a way to move around a document quickly and easily. They can also be used to automatically pull in data or information from other documents and to add extra oomph to contents, tables, glossaries, indeces and cross-references.


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Quick Shortcut to sending an email in Windows

If you want to quickly send an email in the Windows operating system, you have to start your email client, click on the write button and start writing the email. A much faster way is to press [windows R], type [mailto:] and hit enter. This opens the new mail message window of the default email client on your computer . It is even possible to add parameters like [] which would automatically add the recipient, the subject test and the body text "test2" to the email.

Author: The Away PA