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Monday, 22 December 2008

Shrink to Fit

It is very frustrating when your Word document is just too large to fit on one page. One solution is to adjust the page margins, but this can cause problems if you open the document on another computer. Luckily, Word has the answer.

Click on the File Menu and then on Print Preview. Left click on the 3rd icon from the right. If you are not sure which icon is the right one, hold your cursor over them in turn until you see the "Shrinki to Fit" tooltip.

Word will now shrink all the fonts in the document, hopefully making it fit on one page. It is possible to undo the change but only before you close the document. If the Print Preview toolbar does not appear in the window, right click an empty area to the right of the menus and then left-click on the Print Preview Option.

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