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Monday, 13 April 2009

Named Range for Mail Merge

When using a Microsoft Excel sheet as the basis for a mail merge, it is possible to use a section of a worksheet, rather than a whole sheet.

Select the range you want to use in Excel and look for the text box underneath the File menu that shows the cells selected. When the selection is correct, left-click in this box and type a name for the range, such as 'addresses'. Save the spreadsheet and then return to Word.

Click on the Tools menu, then Letters and Mailing and then on Mail Merge. Follow the wizard that appears in the taskbar and click on Browse at step 3 and select the spreadsheet. The window that appears will no include the named range as well as the worksheets. Click on the name of the appropriate range than on OK. Continue the mail merge wizard as normal and it will use this specific range.

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